23 Things Only People Who Are Obsessed With McD's Will Understand

Ba da pa pa paaaa!

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1. You get a weekly craving for it that must be fulfilled no matter what

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2. You think it's totally worth it to buy multiple Happy Meals at once to get all the different toys one-shot

Unless they're doing that different toy per week thing in which case you'll happily go buy one every week.

3. And you're more than willing to line up for the super in-trend ones

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Remember the Hello Kitty and Minion craze? You fought, survived and came out victorious.

4. You will fight anyone who dares suggest that some other place has better fries...


5. ...and anyone who tries to take some from you risks earning your eternal wrath

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6. Nuggets are love. Nuggets are life. <3

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7. You get super overly excited about trying out the new desserts and seasonal burgers...

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Lychee soft serve, Cendol soft serve, Coconut McFlurry, Hawaiian Burger, Rio Burger, Burger Syok...SO MANY THINGS TO TRYYYY!

8. ...but you also know that you can always fall back on a good ol' McChicken no matter what #trust

9. You order McD delivery WAAAYY too much

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You're 90% sure that the staff are all secretly judging you.

10. You don't understand why people take so long to decide where to eat

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Because for you the answer is always McD.

11. The only good thing about waking up early is having McD breakfast...

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Mmmmm, hash browns! :9

12. ...and the best part of staying up late is having McD for supper

All hail 24 hours outlets!

13. Your go-to food when you're sick is Bubur Ayam McD

14. Your ultimate #treatyourself is a Vanilla Cone, Chocolate Sundae or Oreo McFlurry

15. So you'll never understand why on Earth anyone would do this:

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16. You go all-out and take part in the Big Mac Chant challenge 'cause you want them free Big Macs' SO. BADLY.

And you ain't even mad when "two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun" gets stuck in your head for weeks after that.

17. You're eternally grateful for the fact that M'sia is one of the few countries to have Spicy Chicken McDeluxe and Spicy Ayam Goreng

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A moment of silence for all those poor deprived souls. :(

18. But then again we're also missing out on some pretty awesome stuff from McD's around the world T__T

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Guys, McDonald's in Japan has a Cheese Katsu Burger AND a Bacon and Potato Pie!

19. So you make it a point to try all the country-specific McD menu items when you travel

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It totally counts as "eating local food" okay?

20. You have two extra reasons to love CNY season: Prosperity Burger and Twister Fries

We can't wait for it to come back again! :D

21. Any 90's kid will know that McD was THE place to study for SPM

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Confirm bump into your classmates wan.

22. Road trips are never complete without going to a McD drive-thru at some point

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23. You know this statement to be true: there is no such thing as too much McD #lifemotto

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BRB we're off to McD now!

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