"S-hai, C-bai, Mak Kau Hijau" — Japanese Streamer Turns Vulgar Comments Into A Diss Track

She wrote the song using vulgar words she heard while playing DOTA 2 on the Southeast Asia server.

Cover image via xiinya_JP (YouTube) & xiinya (Spotify)

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After receiving hateful comments on her livestream, a Japanese Twitch streamer and DOTA 2 player decided enough was enough

The streamer, xiinya, recently went viral after posting a video of her new electronic dance music (EDM) track on her social media accounts containing several Southeast Asian curse words from various languages, such as Hokkien, Tagalog, and Malay.

She included all of the vulgar words she heard while streaming on the Southeast Asian server in her lyrics

Her song also contains popular Malaysian curse words, such as "s-hai", "c-bai", and "p-kim-k", and the most 'vulgar' phrase of them all, "mak kau hijau", which directly translates to "your mother is green".

In the song, she also made fun of weak Southeast Asian players, saying, "I met a lot of noobs because I play on the SEA server that's full of animals."

For context, SEA players are notoriously known to be toxic in the DOTA 2 community. They tend to react in anger and use harsh words in matches, and are known to play with strange gaming strategies.

The comments section of her YouTube video has been flooded with positive feedback

Southeast Asian gamers adore the song so much that it has been crowned the official SEA Gamers National Anthem.

Image via YouTube

Another user said that they would buy her album if she decided to release one.

Image via YouTube

Another commented that listening to the song made them feel patriotic.

Image via YouTube

After receiving a tremendous amount of support and her new fans begging her to release the song on digital streaming platforms, xiinya released SEA SERVER on Spotify.

Watch the SEA SERVER lyric video here:

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