If You Could Try Only ONE Of These Bizarre KFC Inventions, Which Would It Be?

Which of these are you most likely to tick off your (KFC) Bucket List?

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When it comes to offbeat items on the menu, KFC's really got it down to an art

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Here in Malaysia, we've got a fair share of exotic creations to flock to

Who would've thought to infuse soy sauce and seaweed with deep-fried chicken?

Zinger Rice Wrap: the timely solution to eating rice on the go.

Who remembers this eye-popping Green Curry Zinger?

But if you were living across the globe, just what kinda crazy creations would end up on your tray?

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1. Deep-fried corn soup. RIP law of physics.

Wait, what now? Pretty much exactly what it sounds like
Where in the world? KFC Japan

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The KFC snack from Japan feature corned potage that’s breaded then thrown into the deep fryer. What comes out is a bite-sized piece of fried soup. Which actually sounds amazing.

2. Eggs benedict with a fast-food spin

Wait, what now? Breakfast muffins topped with ham, egg, and Hollandaise sauce
Where in the world? KFC Guatemala

Guatemalans have no need to head to a hipster cafe to get their eggs benedict fix.

3. The Chizza, a creation of heroic proportions

Wait, what now? Pizza toppings baked on a deep-fried chicken crust
Where in the world? KFC Philippines

Thick crust, thin crust. Don't think about it. The fried chicken is the pizza crust.
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Check out that cheese-on-chicken goodness!

4. The Paneer Zinger, tempting even if you're a complete carnivore

Wait, what now? A cheeseburger with a twist - the patty itself is made from cheese
Where in the world? KFC India

This vegetarian-friendly burger comprises of a unique double layered cheese patty, topped with a spicy creamy sauce.

5. Cups you can eat as a post-coffee snack

Wait, what now? Edible coffee cups
Where in the world? KFC UK

Image via KFC UK

Made with heat-resistant white chocolate, feel free to bite into the cups after finishing the coffee.

6. Spicy chicken with tamarind rice, because why not?

Wait, what now? A full-on rice and chicken dish
Where in the world? KFC Thailand

That looks like a legit Thai dish right there!

7. Them flaky-topped Zinger Pies

Wait, what now? Pies stuffed with Zinger-marinated chicken breast and gravy
Where in the world? KFC Australia

Image via Daily Telegraph

The idea of cramming fast food chicken into a pastry container is so ingeniously simple we’re surprised nobody thought of it sooner.

8. A tub of happiness-inducing poutine

Wait, what now? French fries with piping hot cheese curds, smothered in gravy
Where in the world? KFC Canada (also on the secret menu at some outlets in the US)

Canadians can attest to the fact that poutine is one of mankind’s greatest creations. Good things happen when fries drown in cheese and gravy.

9. The Japanese-inspired California Maki Twister

Wait, what now? A wrap based on that handroll everyone orders on sushi night
Where in the world? KFC Philippines

Image via KFC Philippines

The California Maki Twister is made up of a crispy-fried chicken fillet with bits of mango, cucumber spears, and Japanese mayo dressing, wrapped in a tortilla. The distinct hint of wasabi gives it that satisfying kick.

That mayo though.

10. The totally next-level Ugali Nuggets

Wait, what now? Essentially, cornmeal porridge nuggets
Where in the world? KFC Kenya

Image via KFC Kenya

Ugali, a Kenyan staple is a porridge-like dish usually made from cornmeal. These bite-sized balls are covered in breadcrumb and fried to perfection.

11. The Double Down, and its many, many incarnations

Wait, what now? Burgers that do away with buns, opting for chicken breasts instead
Where in the world? Various locations, including Malaysia - remember the Double Down Maxx?

Who hasn't heard of the iconic Double Down? This "sandwich" is made up of bacon, two different kinds of melted cheese, the Colonel’s secret sauce and, instead of bread, they are all stuffed in between two pieces of Original Recipe chicken fillets.
Image via Giphy

And that's how the Double Down rolls.

12. Double Down Dog, Double Down's even hipper younger brother

Wait, what now? A hot dog held together by a piece of deep-fried chicken fillet
Where in the world? KFC Philippines

Here is Philippines’ answer to the Double Down. The Double Down Dog features a hot dog covered in mayo and cheese, wrapped with a piece of crispy fried chicken patty.
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Because hot dog buns are too mainstream.

13. Sweet, creamy egg tarts done the Portuguese way

Wait, what now? Egg tarts
Where in the world? KFC China,Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore

Image via Aroma Cookery

KFC Egg Tarts follow the classic Portuguese baked recipe that Macau made famous, with the signature caramelized sugar coating on top of the creamy and smooth egg custard in crispy fluffy pastry.

14. The Italian-inspired Parmy Stacker

Wait, what now? Chicken parmigiana in burger form
Where in the world? KFC Australia

The Parmy Stacker has two chicken schnitzel fillets smothered with parmigiana sauce and cheese, sandwiched between oatmeal buns.

15. The pizza-chicken hybrid: Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken

Wait, what now? Pizza-fied fried chicken
Where in the world? KFC Hong Kong

Tomato sauce and a mozarella and cheddar mix are added to the Original Recipe chicken thighs and drumsticks, resulting in a unique fried chicken-pizza hybrid!

16. Dipping fries, perfect for loading up on all that sauce

Wait, what now? Fries with the centre hollowed out
Where in the world? KFC Romania

Image via KFC Romania

If you consider fries as mere vessels for sauce consumption, KFC Romania's cutting-edge creation will have you jumping for joy. The hollowed-out centre of the fries creates a paramount cradle for transporting dipping sauces from hand to mouth.

17. Chicken onigiri, KFC-style

Wait, what now? Chicken-flavoured rice balls
Where in the world? KFC Japan

Image via KFC Japan

Onigiri, a staple Japanese snack, can be made with a multitude of flavors, meats and seasonings, but KFC Japan keeps things simple with a version flavoured with chicken stock.

18. The feisty, fiery Dragon Twister

Wait, what now? A Twister inspired by Peking duck
Where in the world? KFC China

Image via KFC China

KFC China takes on the famous Peking Duck with the Dragon Twister: a wrap including fried chicken, cucumbers, spring onions, and duck sauce.

19. Shrimp doughnuts, the unholy take on a holey dessert

Wait, what now? Exactly as the name suggests: doughnuts stuffed with shrimp
Where in the world? KFC Thailand

Image via Foodspotting

What a concept this is - breaded mozzarella cheese stuffed with shrimp and deep fried until a crisp golden brown.

20. Chicken Rice Meals to curb those carbs cravings

Wait, what now? Arabic rice
Where in the world? KFC Arabia

Image via KFC Arabia

The rice meals come in two choices, crispy strips rice meal and chicken rice meal, topped with either Arrabiata or chili pepper sauce.

Premium Basmati rice + fried chicken = perfection!

21. The Potato Krisper, because who can say no to potatoes?

Wait, what now? Potato burger
Where in the world? KFC India

Another fun vegetarian option: crunchy potato patty topped with a tangy sauce!

22. The Instagram-ready Taro Balls Floral Ice Cream

Wait, what now? Ice cream sundae topped with taro balls
Where in the world? KFC China

Image via KFC China

Who could resist springy taro balls on a bed of sweet, cold ice-cream?

23. The one and only KFC Chicken Corsage

Wait, what now? Just like any other hand corsage. Oh, but with a fried drumstick attached
Where in the world? KFC USA

Image via KFC

The fried chicken purveyor debuted the first chicken drumstick corsage to add a little poultry to the prom season.

Okay, perhaps that's a tad too far...

What time is it? Time for a trip!

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If you can't dine around the world, there's always the option of dining above the world:

Fried chicken sure comes in many forms and flavours, but in one instance, this comfort food also functioned as a pseudo-counselor...

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