Khairy Finds Out What “Daddy” Means After Asking Why People Keep Calling Him That


Cover image via ToughAsia / Twitter @khairykj

Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin came pretty close to breaking the Internet when he posted this seemingly innocent tweet:

Yeeaa... it definitely doesn't mean "uncle", KJ. :p

If you already know what this "daddy" thing is about, then it's no surprise that the tweet blew up, with many attempting to explain to Khairy what the label actually meant. Some went down the troll-y route:

Others went right to the naughty punchline, with posh and localised alternatives:

For those of you who still don't get it, "daddy" in this context doesn't mean a literal father. Rather, it's used to refer to an attractive older man with flirtatious - and sometimes, kinky - connotations.

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Lately, it's also a term frequently used by fans of certain pop culture communities, e.g. the CW TV show Riverdale, to affectionately refer to their faves. Yeah, kids these days are confusing.

On that note, a select few pointed out that this could be construed as sexual harassment

But Khairy doesn't seem at all fazed by the attention and even seems to have taken it all in stride, because... well, just look at what he replied to a follower's tweet over the Raya break:

Speaking of Raya, he also modelled his baju raya while trying to emulate hip #OOTD poses on his Instagram yesterday

Just a few months ago, Khairy made a dad joke that earned him the nickname "YBae":