Syed Saddiq & Khairy Accidently Started A #GE15 Dance Off And We Can't Decide Who's Worse

They should just stick to politics. :D

Cover image via @MUDAMuar (Twitter) & @eizmn__ (TikTok)

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We are at the final leg of the 15th General Election (GE15) campaign period and things are heating up!

To let off some steam, Malaysians have got the chance to see Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman and Khairy Jamaluddin dancing.

The MUDA president was spotted dancing at the Pesta Bulan Mengambang (Floating Moon Festival) in Semerah, Johor, last Saturday, 12 November. 

However, if you think the 29-year-old former youth and sports minister has got some moves, you are gravely wrong.

The performers moved back and forth, whereas Syed Saddiq moved from left to right.

We cannot help you lah, bro. The performers were even singing "depan dan belakang" (front and back).

Look, some Malaysians said in jest that seeing Syed Saddiq dance was an eyesore, with one saying that playing badminton and dancing are on his "cannot-do list"

The incumbent Muar member of parliament (MP) could only cry in response.

Another netizen said the MUDA president has got the "white people rhythm", and the tweet went viral with over 8,000 likes, possibly all agreeing to the acute commentary.

After being teased by Malaysians, Syed Saddiq had enough and said that the people should re-elect him in GE15 so that he could focus on policy-making instead of dancing.

Meanwhile, caretaker Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has also gone viral for his dance moves

Fortunately, at least Khairy knew how to mimic the performers on stage and was able to keep the crowd cheering.

In a video uploaded by TikTok user @eizmn_, the Sungai Buloh candidate was seen bobbing his head while thrusting his hand in the air repeatedly to the beat of the song, Kokkorokko, with the band, Lock Up, performing on stage.

According to the poster seen on the stage, Khairy was believed to have danced at a "Come Out To Vote" event on Jalan BRP 1/4, Sungai Buloh, last night, 16 November.

But do not praise Khairy too much because he got overconfident in the later part of the famous Tamil song in the 1990s

In a separate video, Khairy could be seen trying to overlap Look Up, who was singing, by interjecting with some awkward "hey", "hoo", "supp", and not forgetting the wild card, "show... now... show... now...".

"KJ rapping nonsense, but still killing that sh-t," read the caption on the video.

Which of the two do you think should not be given the chance to dance in public ever again? :p

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