9-Year-Old Girl Gives Mak Cik Cleaner A Thank-You Card To Show Her Gratitude

"You wash the toilet so clean that we can use goodly. I like our bathroom!"

Cover image via Twitter @khai_afifah

Recently, one adorable girl's note has been making the rounds on social media

Nine-year-old Abigail Tan gave her school's cleaner a thank-you note, showing her appreciation for the Mak Cik.

The cleaner's daughter, Twitter user @khai_afifah, posted the notes online last year.

"My mother works as a cleaner in a SJKC school. But today I felt really touched that this student made this for my mother. My mother's work and effort is appreciated," she wrote on Twitter.

The tweet has been retweeted over 36,400 times and garnered over 38,900 likes at the time of writing

The note read "Mak cik, you wash the bathroom so clean. You keep some water in the bin, went there were no water and you always mop the floor so clean that we can't see the foot prints. You wash the toilet so clean that we can use goodly. I like our bathroom!"

The note was accompanied by a cute drawing of the girl's interactions with the mak cik.

Touched by her kind actions, Khairunnisa's mother took a picture with the cute girl to remember the occasion

Netizens too, are impressed with the little girl and praised her for her kind notes

One user said: "Students appreciate your mum as a cleaner. The school is lucky to have your mum. I bet the kids will be sad if your mum isn't in the school one day."

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