14 Little Moments That Will Make Every Malaysian Go "OMG Yes!"

Simple pleasures only Malaysians will understand!

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1. That syok feeling when you sip a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning

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2. After being stuck in traffic or taking a long road trip, you finally get to stretch at an RnR

Image via Tenor

3. Plus you get to fill up on snacks and drinks so the rest of the drive is way more awesome

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4. Or when traffic is super clear for no apparent reason

5. Reaching home juuuuust before the rain starts

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6. Getting an email from HR that the office will close on Monday for a public holiday that lands on Saturday

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7. When your friend belanja you makan for no reason

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8. Sometimes you're out for lunch and it starts raining so you have a legit excuse to go back to the office late

Image via BBC

Bonus points if your boss is with you!

9. You're waiting somewhere and there's free Wi-Fi with great speed

Image via The Loop

10. When that one thing you really want is finally on sale and you get an awesome deal

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10. When you've been craving a specific dish that you can only get in a specific state and you finally get to eat it

11. When your teh tarik at the mamak hits the spot

12. Or when dessert places give out free food

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13. Cheat day is nasi lemak day mmmmkay!

Image via Expat Go

14. Every time your gaji masuk. Every. Time.

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Only we Malaysians will really understand these awesome little moments ;)

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