12 Malaysian Food Brands You Didn't Know Were Huge Overseas

From US to Papua New Guinea!

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1. Life sauces is Malaysia's largest sauce brand and they produce 26 million sauce bottles a year

Life sauces started exporting to Japan in 2015.

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The largest sauce brand in Malaysia, Life Sauces are exported into the US, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Maldives, the Middle East, Brunei and Singapore since it was established in 1978.

It comes under Region Food Industries (RFI), the parent company of the Life brand. Life Sauces which first sprouted from a humble factory in Port Klang in 2004 is now producing 26 million sauce bottles a year.

Besides the basic sauces like chilli and tomato ketchup, they've also come up with special pastes and oriental sauces. Their mini packet sauces are probably the most commonly found used in popular fast food chains like KFC, Pizza Hut, RasaMas, and more!

Life sauces displayed in Vietnam.

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2. Kawan Food Berhad based in Shah Alam is known as the inventor of the world's first frozen paratha

Image via Kawan

Kawan Food, that has been operating for more than 30-years now is most widely known as the creator of the world’s first frozen paratha but they have a huge frozen selection of other traditional Asian food delicacies.

Based in Shah Alam, Selangor, Kawan Food is Malaysia’s leading exporter and largest manufacturer for food of its kind. So, we're talking flatbreads like naan and paratha, Chinese sweet desserts and pastries, finger food products made from soy protein, to pita and tortilla breads.

If you're a fan of popiah skins, try some of these cool recipes made from Kawan brand popiah skins here!

Their products have extended into US, Canada, European, Irish, UK, Middle Eastern, African, Asian and Australasian markets.

In 2016, Kawan made a net profit of RM 9.17 million in the second quarter of the year on 30 June while reaching up to RM 55.5 million in revenue.

Image via Kawan

3. Munchy's, Malaysia's leading homegrown biscuit brand has made its way across more than 50 countries

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This year makes Munchy’s 26th year anniversary, our very own leading homegrown biscuit brand that exports their food products across more than 50 countries. Their headquarters is located in Batu Pahat with several Munchy's local offices are spread out across the country in different cities and states.

There's a variety of Munchy's products which branch into varying categories, some of which are Munchy's Crackers, Lexus, oat Krunch, Muzic, Captain Munch, Assorted and 7 Days.

Vege crackers for USD12.56, anyone?

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4. Baba's is exported to almost every continent

Image via Spice Trail

Baba's have a whole selection of premium spices, vegetarian curry powders, flours and other pre-mixes that make cooking easy. A study featured on the Baba's website pinpoints a study describing that on average, at least one of three main meals consumed by Malaysian will have a product from the Baba's range in them.

BABA's spices have broke into the foreign market for years now and can be found in North America, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, most of Southeast Asia.

A prime example of humble beginnings, Baba's started in the late 70's as a sundry van business selling spices that caters primarily to local housewives. It was by receiving customers' feedback that helped honed the Babas spice mixes.

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5. PappaRich is the go-to Malaysian restaurant in Australia

Papparich outlet in Sydney, Australia.

Image via PappaRich Australia/Facebook

The PappaRich restaurant promises to showcase the best of Malaysian cuisine all over the world, operating widely across different countries like Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and the US.

Other than dining, they're the only white coffee producer in Malaysia that uses Stevia (natural sweetener), the healthier option to have instead of sugar in their instant coffee brand under the same name.

Part of the menu for PappaRich's branch in New York.

Image via PappaRich USA

6. OldTown White Coffee distributes their coffee to over 13 countries worldwide

First OldTown White Coffee outlet in Australia in 2015.

Image via AU Review

The brand erupted in 1999 and drew inspiration from Ipoh's special white coffee. Their pre-mixed beverages like coffee, tea, and chocolate are exported into foreign countries and cities such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Phillippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, UK, Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

The total revenue received by OldTown states they've gotten RM 102.89 million while their profit before tax (PBT) was RM 19.79 million after last year's quarter ended 30 June.

The range of Old Town coffee selections than are available for export to more than 13 countries.

Image via OldTown

7. Mamee Monster is present in over 80 countries worldwide

Mamee noodles found in Hong Kong.

Image via The Loop HK

It first came about in 1972 and was labelled as a noodle snack and somehow later grouped with instant noodles. But whatever it may be, the Mamee Monster noodle snack will forever be imprinted in our childhoods.

Though you're wrong if you think it's exclusive to Malaysians as the noodle snack is shared with those from Australia, Angola, Bahrain, Canada, Cuba, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Fiji Island, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Kuwait, Maldives, Netherlands, New Zealand, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, Scotland, Singapore, Solomon Island, South Africa, Switzerland, UAE and UK.

Mamee Monster factory in Malacca.

Image via Jessy The KL Chic

8. Mister Potato formed back in 1992 is available in over 80 countries worldwide

Then you have Mister Potato crisps maintain their number one spot for being the best potato chip brand in the country. Mister Potato was formed back in 1992 but have steadily progressed to the point of entering the markets of over 80 countries worldwide.

The brand's recent additions to potato chip flavours is a great effort for keeping potato chip fans excited.

Mister Potato in Thailand.

Image via Mister Potato Thailand/Facebook

9. Brahim's famous ready-to-use sauces are also found on Amazon

Image via Sunshine Kelly

Brahims' sauces and pastes offers you the practically of making easy and authentic Asian dishes. With your favourite Malaysian, Thai and Indonesian ready-to-use sauces that are great for adding flavour to your home cooked meals.

From Thai green curry to Malaysian Masak Merah and Indonesian Rendang, these sauces can be found in South-East Asia, Australia, USA, United Kingdom and Japan. You can even order Brahim's off Amazon where you can get the Thai Green Curry packet for USD4.46 and 'Kuah Rendang' at USD6.

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10. Beryl's is distributed across Asia as well as major stores and hypermarkets nationwide

Image via KLIA2

Established in 1995, Beryl's markets premium quality chocolates at reasonable prices. It usually comes in pebbles of white, milk and dark chocolate with nut or raisin fillings. However, they also have crunchy Gaufrettes (wafers) and chocolate dusted with tiramisu.

Beryl's chocolate is exported to Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand, and is distributed across major stores and hypermarkets nationwide!

Their annual estimated sales ranges between USD10 million to USD50 million.

Image via Jualo

11. Secret Recipe have made up to RM 750 million since it began 20 years ago

A Secret Recipe branch in Thailand.

Image via Secret Recipe Thailand/Facebook

The leading and largest café chain in Malaysia, Secret Recipe has been growing their café into an internationally recognised brand since 1997. Secret Recipe cakes and fusion-style food have arrived at Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar and Maldives, totalling to more than 300 outlets throughout the region and making RM 750 million in revenue to date.

Secret Recipe outlet in Shanghai in 2014.

Image via China Daily

12. Lingham's has existed for more than 100 years and is believed to be one of the earliest brands to enter foreign markets

Lingham's was founded by an Indian migrant in 1908 and it is believed to be one of the earliest brands to enter foreign markets. Later on after World War II in 1945, Lingham's was transferred to a Chinese owner but before then the sauce was even popular among the British during the colonial era for some added spice to their meals.

Now sold in over 20 countries, worldwide distribution of Lingam's chilli sauce includes the United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Chile, Ukraine, Singapore and South Africa.

Lingham's chilli sauce in Tesco Sheffield.

Image via Mosaic International/Twitter

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