Malaysian Shares Simple Trick To Catch Cockroaches In Cars Using 4 Household Items

You probably don't have to buy anything for this DIY project.

Cover image via @hornson1015 (Instagram)

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Want to get rid of cockroaches in your vehicle, but don't want to buy any product to get the job done?

Well, this Malaysian has shown a way to use just four household items to attract and trap the pesty insects in your car.

In an Instagram Reel posted in December last year, Hornson Lui shared that it is not uncommon to find cockroaches in cars.

To eradicate all of the cockroaches in cars, Lui said one would just have to prepare the following:
– a wide container,
– some oil,
– margarine, and
– some crackers

He said to put the three ingredients in the uncovered container, and leave it on the floorboard of a car.

Lui suggested leaving the DIY trap in the vehicle overnight and checking the results the following morning

At the end of the one-minute video, Lui demonstrated that his simple hack had caught over a dozen cockroaches.

At the time of writing, his video has garnered over 1.4 million views, with hundreds of netizens expressing fascination with his straightforward approach to eliminating cockroaches

"Why would the cockroaches die from eating [the ingredients], or they couldn't escape [from the container]?" asked an Instagram user. Another user explained that the cockroaches were trapped to death by the oil, and they were unable to even reach the crackers.

"Let's try this," said a netizen, tagging a friend.

Meanwhile, a netizen quipped, "Don't waste the biscuits. [They're] still edible."

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