The Best 2-minute Beard Video You’ll See Today. Seriously.

With just an iPhone camera and a stop motion app, Ben Garvin pieced together this giggle-worthy video. The 2-minute long epic starts with a beard and ends with…well, you’ll see.

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WATCH: A grown man play with his beard

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The story behind the above video

It was put together by Minnesota-based photojournalist Ben Garvin using a stop-motion iPhone app, and has been making the rounds on the Internet as beard and stop-motion lovers unite to praise his efforts.

As Garvin puts it, “never let a good beard go to waste.” So when it was time to do away with a very respectable beard, he decided to take advantage of the opportunity and create something that would make people laugh.

The original footage was shot on Garvin’s iPhone using an app called Stop Motion Studio, and then further edited and set to music using Adobe Premiere Pro.

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