12 Hilarious (And Inappropriate) Restaurant Names That You Won't Believe Exist In Malaysia

Come for the food, stay for the 'lol'.

Cover image via jg1031 (Reddit) & weelip (Xiaohongshu) via KL Online (Facebook)

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Note: This listicle is for entertainment purposes only. Dun so serious, okay? :)

1. Lokap Cafe

Image via OpenRice

Legend has it that in order to leave the restaurant, you gotta pay bail, not bills.

2. Tepi 7E

A: Where's the restaurant?

B: Tepi 7E.

A: What's the name of the restaurant?

B: Tepi 7E.

3. Nasi Lemak Wak Kentuk

Wah! Siapa kentuk kat warung ni?

4. PrawnHub

Image via jg1031 (Reddit)

*Cue P--nhub intro music. 

5. Nasi Lemak Depan Kubur

The pink colour signboard definitely makes the place more inviting. <3

6. D'Tasteless Cafe

We can only say the owner is very bold to choose this name!

7. Sohai Chao Fan

'Sohai' is a vulgar word for 'stupid c--t' in Cantonese.

While it might sound very offensive, many people use the term as banter to mean 'that's hilarious'.

The aunty on the signboard really brings out the 'that's hilarious' vibe. :D

8. Yue Lai Yue Nan Chi

'Yue Nan' means Vietnam in Chinese.

However, when the word 'Yue' is not used to say 'Vietnam', it is normally used as correlative conjunction in the form of 'yue lai yue' — which means 'getting more and more'.

Meanwhile, 'Nan' — literal translation: north — can be a homophone of 'bad' or 'difficult'.

Therefore, 'Yue Lai Yue Nan Chi' is a wordplay to say 'the taste of the food is getting worse and worse'. Not the ideal name for an eatery.

We can only hope diners appreciate the pun and choose not to avoid the hawker because of its 'bad' taste.

9. Niama Hotpot

'Niama' is a cuss for 'curse your mum', but when it is written with different same-sounding Chinese characters, it can also mean 'your grandmother'. 

Therefore, Niama Hotpot is a wholesome name that says 'Your Grandmother's Hotpot', with a cheeky 'curse your mum' undertone.

10. Lee Lou Mei

Lee Lou Mei — or more accurate romantacised 'Lei Lou Mei' — means 'your old sister' in Cantonese.

But it is a derogatory term for 'screw you' or the likes of it.

However, the Chinese characters chosen for the signboard literally means 'miles lau (an onomatopoeia in Chinese) taste'.

A great pun indeed, but we sincerely hope it doesn't taste like anybody's sister. (It's a joke, guys.)

11. Cincai Cafe

'Cincai' means 'whatever' in Hokkian.

We reckon that this restaurant is a place we patron whenever we just want to be done with eating and move on. 

12. Xia Mian Gei Ni Chi

The characters used on the signboard means 'give you eat down noodle'.

But 'xia mian' is also a homophone for 'bottom'.

So if you pair them up, it means 'give you eat (my) bottom', which essentially means 'I will let you give me head'.

We can only hope that the restaurant is not only for people at the age of 18 and above.

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