Malaysian Company Releases New Deodorant... And It's Durian Scented

Because negative and negative makes positive.

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Sick of being called the 'stinkiest' fruit in the world, durians have now risen to prove that they can fight against bad body odour

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Malaysian company Hello Natural Co has just released their latest deodorant scent that will surely make you leave an impression everywhere you go.

Forget about just eating the king of fruits, now you can smell like it too.

Introducing their limited edition durian all-natural deodorant balm!

It's pungent. It's creamy. It's everything you didn't know you need on your body.

Aside from having been highly reviewed by testers, the deodorant has also proven effective to keep armpits healthy. 

Unlike conventional deodorants, this durian scented dream is free of parabens and other chemicals that can affect its user's hormones or are carcinogenic.

For only RM19.99, you can unashamedly walk into meetings, family gatherings, and date nights feeling and smelling like a king.

Goodbye sweaty pits, hello whiffs of fruity goodness.

The company, which specialises in making natural deodorants, skincare, and hair care products, decided that it was about time someone made a product out of Malaysia's most popular fruit.

After all, it's famous for a reason, right?

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It is only available while stocks last, so you might wanna quickly get your hands (and pits) on it here.

But for now, happy April Fool's!

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