M'sians Can't Stop Laughing At International Student's Mistakenly Steamed Curry Puffs

She thought they were dumplings.

Cover image via jcomp/Freepik & indigoo/小红书

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An international student living in Malaysia recently made an innocent yet hilarious mistake — steaming some frozen curry puffs, believing they were dumplings

In a post on Xiaohongshu on 9 January, the student from Zhejiang, China shared a photo of what she was having for breakfast.

Her caption, with a tone of surprise, read, "I didn't know Malaysia's dumplings would be curry flavoured."

She added, "Eating a 'localised' dumpling before class starts. I steamed a few to eat and they tasted pretty good, but the skin is too thick."

Malaysians, who obviously knew it was the well-beloved local snack, couldn't help but laugh at the student's innocent mistake

However, the student took all the comments with good humour and even thanked those who gave her advice on how to properly cook them.

Funnily, she added that she ate the steamed curry puffs with vinegar, as dumplings are usually eaten.

Image via 小红书
Image via 小红书
Image via 小红书

The master's student told SAYS that she had just moved to Malaysia in October last year and really did not know what curry puffs were

She also hoped that her cooking the Malaysian food wrongly would not cause any offence.

"I cooked it wrongly because my refrigerator is too small to contain the original packaging of the curry puffs, so I immediately changed the packaging when I came home from shopping. I really didn't know they were supposed to be fried, I'm sorry!" she said.

In 2021, a product listing on Amazon made Chinese netizens around the world squeal with laughter:

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