M'sian Fashion Street Interviewer Stunned By Sugar Baby Whose Outfit Is Worth RM176,000

The woman said she would rather date sugar daddies instead of her broke exes.

Cover image via @samwongsx (Instagram)

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A Malaysian fashion street interviewer and content creator was left stunned when a sugar baby revealed that her outfit cost RM176,000

In a video uploaded last Saturday, 17 February, Sam Wong interviewed the woman, who described herself as a sugar baby, at The Exchange TRX Kuala Lumpur.

Wong began the video in his usual style, complimenting the individual's attire before delving into the cost of each clothing item.

"I love your outfit. Can you tell us about how much your outfit is worth from top to bottom?" asked Wong, who boasts 25,000 followers on Instagram.

The sugar baby then proceeded to list out every item she was wearing and its prices:
– Top from Thailand: RM80
– Skirt from Thailand: RM80
– Boots from Zara: RM300
– Prada Symbole Sunglasses: RM2,000
– Cartier ring: RM8,500
– Rolex Datejust: RM36,000
– Cartier bangle: RM22,000
– Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet: RM26,000
– Van Cleef & Arpels necklace: RM17,000
– Bvlgari necklace: RM13,000
– Hermès Constance: RM51,000

Altogether, her clothing added up to RM175,960.

Taken aback by the hefty price of her attire, Wong then inquired about the woman's occupation

The woman admitted that she is a sugar baby, stating that she uses the online dating site Sugarbook.

She explained that the most she has received in a month from her sugar daddies was RM15,000.

The woman expressed her happiness with being a sugar baby, adding, "I rather date my sugar daddies instead of my previous exes who were broke."

She said her friends are aware that she is a sugar baby, and that they are sugar babies themselves.

The video concluded with her saying that she would never go back to dating unwealthy men, emphasising that her partner must earn at least RM20,000 a month to date her.

Speaking to SAYS, Wong said the sugar baby he interviewed had the priciest outfit among those he has interviewed thus far

When asked if any of his previous interviewees had worn equally pricey outfits, Wong responded, "It's hard to find someone who matches her outfit's prices, but [hopefully] soon."

At the time of writing, Wong's video has garnered over 2.2 million views on Instagram

On TikTok, it has amassed over 848,000 views.

"Can [a] man be a sugar baby too? Asking for a friend," quipped Moses Wong, who is also a popular local content creator.

"I love how she speaks about herself. So confident. So much respect for her," read a top comment, while another netizen said, "The way she proudly pronounces all the brands wrongly though..."

"She feels proud instead of shame," wrote an Instagram user.

Image via Instagram

In February 2021, Sugarbook got into trouble with the authorities:

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