Malaysian Shares Hilarious Ways To Survive Staying In Parents' House During MCO

Home ambience is now vacuuming sounds.

Cover image via CHUTTERSNAP/Unsplash (edited) & @zfatlee (Twitter)

If you've moved out of your parents' home and have been living on your own for a while now, you can probably relate to this guy

Twitter user @zfatlee, also known as Zul, recently put together a list titled 'Surviving MCO: Re-Living with Your Parents as an Adult'.

In the now-viral Twitter thread posted on 14 and 15 January, Zul wrote funny tips to help you cope as an adult if you're living with your parents.

His first piece of advice? Never, ever break your mother's plates and bowls.

"If you happened to do it, intentionally or not, my professional advice is to look for a new mother because you are dead to her now."

Be aware of your parents' trigger points.

"Locking the house doors before you sleep will please your dad. Not closing the fridge door properly means war to your mum."

As long as you're living in their home, the key is to adapt.

"No matter how old or successful you are, you are now 15 years old again."

Knocking on your room door before entering? Dream on.

Being called by my full name still sends shivers down my spine till today. 

Don't question. Just eat.

His next tip serves as a reminder to be kind and considerate...

... but remember that your kindness is often only appreciated if someone's watching :P

This also applies to those who practise religious activities.

Free time? What is that?

Dear adults, meet your new bosses: Les Parents.

Agility is a part of your job scope now. Similar to how it's part of the 'How to run a company with millennials' starter pack.

My parents love me. My parents love me. My parents love me. *chants to self at night*

Mothers know best. And dads always have the snacks. <3

Ditch the cafe lo-fi music. Home ambience is now vacuuming sounds and forwarded WhatsApp videos blasting from their phones.

Jokes aside, Zul ends his Twitter thread with some exceptional advice

Click to read his full Twitter thread below:

Adulting is hard. How many of these do you relate to?

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