A Cat With A Milk Moustache Is The Most Wholesome Thing You'll See Today

Me on a Friday night.

Cover image via Twitter @karissalund

We've all been there – after enjoying a buffet spread, all you want is to lay down for a nap.

That's exactly how this cat must've felt after it was recently caught in a 'milk coma'.

On 3 August, Twitter user @karissalund shared photos of her adorable cat having a snooze after drinking a bottle of milk.

Her mother sent her photos of her grown-a** adult cat napping – complete with a milk moustache and a full belly

She wrote in the tweet:

So big already still using a milk bottle. What I cannot handle is the milk moustache.
Her tweet has since received over 8,400 retweets and 8,800 likes.

She clarified in the comments that her pet drinks goat's milk, as cats can often get tummy aches from consuming cow's milk.

Here are more photos of it drifting off into endless slumber:

Without a doubt, the photos won over hearts on the Internet, as many gushed over her adorable feline and its "stockings"

Check out the full tweet below:

Cats are great but sometimes they make us question where their loyalty lies:

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