We Asked 10 Malaysians Why They Aren't Repaying Their PTPTN Loan

All the reasons you're familiar with.

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1. Because the new iPhone just came out and well...

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2. One person said that the process was too troublesome

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But everything is online these days. You just need to login to your PTPTN account and pay the amount needed via online banking, direct debit, salary deduction, or JomPay.

3. Another was just too lazy to care

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4. At least this girl has a legit reason

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Unemployed graduates can request for a two-year extension if they couldn't get a job six months after graduation. 

5. Looks like someone wants to cuti-cuti Malaysia first before paying

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"Because cannot go overseas ma..."

6. There are also those who are burdened with car loans, bills, and other commitments

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7. While some are struggling financially

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8. We also found a guy who wants to pay, but never got the time to do it

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9. And another who said no one taught him how to

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He did say he really wants to pay his loan though. So we asked him to read this article

10. Then you have the fella who keeps forgetting to pay

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Set a reminder, please.

It's better to settle any outstanding loans as soon as possible for your own benefit

Here's how you can repay your PTPTN loan:

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