6 Malaysians Tell Us Their Most "Potong Stim" Internet Moments

Because let's be real, the worse thing next to having no Internet is having reaaally slow Internet.

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1. The airline ticket hunt gone wrong

Lee, a 22-year-old working professional was attempting to purchase air tickets online during a promo period. "I made sure that I researched the dates and times correctly, I even practiced my clicking speed skills and memorised the airline's navigation menu so that I wouldn't waste precious time! When the promo started, I was in the zone. Everything was working like clockwork, a trip to Krabi was almost the same price as a bus ride back to Penang! I entered my payment details before my Internet failed on me! Instinctively I turned on my phone WiFi hotspot on and connected but it was crawling. When it finally reconnected, the price for that flight was gone."

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2. The super fail online job interview

Jason was scheduled to have a Skype interview with a potential employer. "I was dressed up in a suit. Okay, maybe half a suit since they can't see my pants. I was prepared, early and everything was going great at first... until my Internet began to act up. Of course, it is understandable if there was some slight delay but my connection was really bad. My screen froze and most of the interview was spent on troubleshooting the problem. I managed to reconnect quickly on my phone but my thought process to answer the questions were hasty after the whole connectivity issue. I didn't get the job."

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3. The penalty kick that was never seen

Andrew is a 25-year-old PR student studying abroad. "I love to watch football and I really miss the comforts of Astro back home. There are no mamaks here to catch the game so I mostly rely on streaming football games from my laptop. I remembered clearly once where a penalty was given at the last minute of a pulsating game. Just as the player was about to take it, the stream froze, only to see the player celebrating later. I missed the goal!"

Delays are not funny.

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4. The "I-spent-my-time-more-on-the-phone-than-watching-the-concert" moment

Samantha, 25, Entertainment writer at SAYS regrets her Ed Sheeran concert experience. "I was tasked to cover the Ed Sheeran concert and I was to upload video snippets onto our Twitter and Instagram. Unfortunately, thanks to wonders of Malaysian Internet, I spent most of my time trying to repost the video instead of being serenaded by Ed Sheeran."

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5. The "client-wants-the-file-now" incident

Christine, 27, works in a digital ad agency in Kuala Lumpur. "Being in an ad agency means that you're "on call" 24/7. I was on the way home one day when I got an urgent email saying that the client needed a particular file to be sent over. Thankfully, it was during heavy traffic so I was able to whip out my laptop in my car, tether my phone's Internet and proceeded to send the file over. But the connection was really inconsistent and took awhile to upload. Just when it was almost sent, the line disconnected which caused my upload to fail. Thankfully, I had a kind colleague who was still at the office and she managed to send over the file in the nick of time. Phew!"

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6. The crazy girlfriend on WhatsApp

"Okay this may seem exaggerated but I swear it's true" Tim, a 20-year-old business student told us. "There was one time where my ex-girlfriend was really mad at me for something I did or didn't do, I can't really remember. While doing some damage control over WhatsApp, my data acted up and my replies were really, really, slow. This made my ex-girlfriend really mad because she thought I was ignoring her with my WhatsApp status being "online". Looking back, I guess I had to 'thank' my provider for acting up so I could see the crazy side of this girl."

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As funny as some of these stories are, it's not that funny when you desperately need the Internet to work at crucial moments for you

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