Mamak Workers' Shirts Printed With Witty Pick-Up Lines Make Customers & Netizens Smile

Certainly a fun way to attract more customers.

Cover image via @vernaeyyo (TikTok)

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A TikTok video has gone viral showing a Mamak in Ampang Jaya serving its customers more than just food: a good dose of laughter

Imagine walking into a Mamak and being greeted by the back of a worker who has some pick-up lines related to the famous local foods we have.

Well, the workers at this Mamak restaurant were wearing just that, which was captured by TikTok user @vernaeyyoo in a video.

Many TikTok users commented and tagged their friends, knowing full well this is the kind of humour they like.

Several TikTok users mentioned their friends in the comment section with a similar pun as they were entertained by it.

Image via @Vernaeyyoo (TikTok)

Intrigued and wanting to witness it with their own eyes, some even asked about the location of the Mamak.

According to Vern, the Mamak is Fatimah Ghous Taman Nirwana and is located in Ampang Jaya.

It's quite possibly one of the best work attires out there

Some of the pick-up lines and puns that were seen on the backs of workers' shirts were:

"You'll always be my Best~Teh."

"Oh telur..without you, I kosong."

"Never a dhal moment at Fatimah."

Indeed, nothing can go wrong with Mamak foods and funny puns in the same place. People who felt giddy and entertained over the cute shirts even asked for the Mamak workers to get a raise for serving people in such an eye-catching outfit.

Watch the TikTok video here:


You’ll always be my best TEH I kennot #fyp #mamak


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