[VIDEO] McDonald’s ‘Ah Tan’ Has A Message For Malaysians Looking For ‘Real Prosperity’

Which is the 'real deal'?

  • Yesterday, 14 February, McDonald’s Malaysia released a cheeky video about a guy named “Ah Tan”

    • In the short video laden with memes, Ah Tan tells viewers why he avoids eating eggs during Chinese New Year, until this year.

      By the way, if you didn’t already know, “tan” in Cantonese means ‘egg’.

  • This year, Ah Tan decides to eat a “Golden Egg” for the first time but his decision brings a series of unfortunate events

    • He gets a ‘saman’ even though he doesn’t drive and sprains his neck after a bike hits him, among other 'jia lat' first-world problems.

  • At the end of the video, Ah Tan’s ‘moral of the story’ was to choose the ‘real deal’

    He picks up a fried chicken drumstick and ‘drops’ it before picking up a Prosperity Burger

    • Ah Tan said, “So, next time, when it comes to prosperity. Make sure you all choose the real deal.”

  • Watch the full McDonald’s video here:

  • Judging from the script and Ah Tan’s mention of the “Golden Egg”, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the ‘isi tersirat’ behind McDonald’s video...

    • Just a few days before this video, KFC posted an ad to promote their "Golden Egg Crunch" on social media.

      The 10-second video starts with a voice-over of, "Let's celebrate the return to even more prosperity with..."

      Then an obvious Prosperity Burger is spotted and juuust before it gets eaten, a "Golden Egg" drumstick is chosen over it instead. This GIF says it all:

  • Very sneaky, KFC! Watch the "Golden Egg Crunch" ad here:

  • It's not everyday that Malaysians get to see rivals take a jab at each other in the local arena

    Who did it best and which puts you in the mood for Chinese New Year?

    • The 25-year-old Prosperity Burger or the newcomer Golden Egg Crunch?

      Let us know in the comment section below!

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