20 Things Best Left To A Mum Because No One Else Does It Better

If anyone were to solve world hunger, we'd put our money on mums.

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1. She knows where EVERYTHING is in the house

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Including things that have been kept in the house BEFORE she gave birth to you.

2. ...even the things you stash under your bed

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3. She'll have the day's breakfast spread settled while everyone else is asleep

4. She stocks up on a lifetime supply of kitchenware and plastic bags. "Still can use what."

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"The butter finish already, don't throw away the container. Can re-use!"

5. She disinfects and sanitises like no one else in the house. Your level of cleanliness is NO match.

She never misses a spot.

6. She has an in-depth knowledge of your wardrobe and remembering what clothes you own

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"Did you just buy that shirt? I've never seen that before."

7. She knows everyone's sizes and can accurately guess which clothes will or will not fit you

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While dad continues to buy you oversized shirts.

8. She has a mental registry of food you love and hate the most and what you're allergic to

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9. She knows which fruits are the sweetest, juiciest, ripest, most succulent


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A little tap here and a little tap there, they can tell you if the watermelon is good or no good.

10. She cooks dishes that NO ONE else can replicate...

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It's true when they say that home-cooked food is the best. Nobody can ever make your favourite dish the way mum does!

11. ...even the most basic of meals like Maggi kari tastes 'different'

What's your secret, mum?

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Prepared with the same ingredients and cooked based on her recipe, but why does it not taste the same when mum cooks it?!

12. She always seems to have a radar for the best bargain when it comes to food

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Somehow she always knows where to get the best value for the family's staple without sacrificing on the flavour factor!

13. Can't find space in the fridge? Don't worry, she'll make space

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14. She tells you things like 'the policeman will catch you if you're naughty' in the most believable way

15. She'll be the first to notice that you're falling sick...

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"Your voice sounds different, your body very heat-y. You're going to fall sick. Go drink more water!"

16. ...and then dispense the 'cure' to your sickness and nurse you to health

Forget about going to the doctor. Mums have everything prepared, whether it's boiled herbs, medicine from the first-aid kit, or making you drink lots of water. Otherwise, just sleep a lot and wrap yourself in blanket to 'sweat it out'. You know you've done it!

17. She possesses the uncanny ability to clean the nastiest stains from your clothes

"Next time don't wear white when eating curry, please! Faster go soak that shirt now!"

18. She can deal with dad

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"Why can't you just ask your dad? He's standing right here!"

19. She possesses a sixth sense that allows her to say, "I told you so" 99% of the time

She magically knows something will happen or predict your next moves even before you tell her. When you ask her how she knew, she'd just say, "I just knew it lah!" Telepathy much?!

20. The ability to juggle the chores, the kids, the errands, and everything else in this list like a pro

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Thanks, mum! You're the best.