This Singaporean Can Now Safely Say That This Is Her 'Grandfather's Road' ;)

She was once arrested for doing the same.

Cover image via Samantha Lo via Facebook

This is Samantha Lo, famously known as the 'Sticker Lady'

Back in 2012 she was arrested after gaining widespread publicity through her street work - she put the monochrome printed stickers with slogans like "Press for Nirvana" and "No Need To Press So Many Times" on pedestrian crossing call buttons across the city

One of Samantha's sticker pasted at a traffic light near Marina Bay Sands.

Image via Samantha Lo via Yahoo!

Fast forward to this week, Samantha pulled off an incredible feat by writing 'My Grandfather Road' across Circular Road in Singapore

The below graffiti is massive, 170 meters long in size, and, as Coconut Singapore notes, "you can only make it out properly in a drone pic."

The feat is amazing also because it was the same phrase that got her charged and arrested in 2013 — she was sentenced to 240 hours of community service.

It's like karma woke up and gave Samantha a swagger of a chance to have her joy.

An obviously excited Samantha posted about it on Facebook

"We did it," she wrote on her public Facebook profile on 10 November.

A GIF of Samantha blowing smoke for representational purposes.

Image via Vulcan Post

Meanwhile, close home...

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