Naughty Cat Goes Missing And Returns With Fish 'Bill' For Its Owner To Pay

The cat went missing for three days.

Cover image via ช้างเผือก (Facebook)

Unlike dogs, cats are not usually kept on a leash and are often free to explore places on their own. Most times they know when to return and may even come home bearing 'gifts'.

However, recently a pet owner in Thailand noticed that their cat had gone missing.

Community Facebook page ช้างเผือก posted photos with a caption that read, "Returned home after three days with a debt. #catslaves"

Here's the culprit:

Tied around the furry cat's neck was a small piece of cardboard with a note for its owner

TheSmartLocal Thailand translated the message which read:

"Your cat kept staring at the mackerels at my store, so I gave him three mackerels. Aunty May at an alley no. 2."

It included a phone number and Aunty May's store location for the owner to contact and pay the cat's debt.

Was the cat remorseful? Ashamed of what it did? Not in the least bit.

Here's a photo of it sitting guilt-free and seemingly oblivious to its mischief:

Check out the full post below:

Time and time again, we've seen cats all over the world use their cuteness to get away with mischief:

Some dogs aren't exactly innocent angels either: