Netizen Amused By Apam Balik Stall In TTDI That Lists Bitcoin As Payment Option On Banner

An original-flavoured apam balik would have cost 0.000019 Bitcoin.

Cover image via MichaelWuensch via Pixabay & drearea (Instagram)

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With the price of Bitcoin going stonks and reaching all-time highs (ATHs) time after time since late last year, it's inevitable that mass cryptocurrency adoption will come soon

Image via Slate

An apam balik vendor at a pasar malam in TTDI, Kuala Lumpur has even moved with the times, being among the first few in Malaysia to accept the digital coin as a form of payment

The discovery was made by netizen Andrea Lee at a night market on Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2, TTDI yesterday, 28 February.

Speaking to SAYS, Lee said she was amused to find Apam Balik Sekinchan at the night market listing Bitcoin as a payment option.

"They had a couple of apam stores at the Sunday market, but this one definitely caught my eye!" she said.

"I would have gotten it (from them) because of their ace marketing. But I had already purchased an apam from another vendor."

When asked how she felt when she saw the banner, Lee said it was "funny but most importantly relevant! #NFT #GAMESTOP #STONKS."

According to Lee's photo of the stall, a serving of original-flavoured apam balik is priced at RM3.50

Beside the prices of different flavours of apam balik on the banner, a message reads, "Apam Balik Sekinchan stall accepts Bitcoin."

As of writing, one Bitcoin cost USD46,610 (approximately RM189,000).

In other words, if a customer were to buy the apam balik from the vendor, they would have to pay 0.000019 Bitcoin.

Before you rush to the stall to whip out your crypto wallet, know that the vendor has actually stopped accepting Bitcoin as payment

The owner of Apam Balik Sekinchan told SAYS that he no longer accepts Bitcoin as payment after the price of the coin skyrocketed into hundreds of thousands in ringgit.

Apam Balik Sekinchan had on 1 November 2017 announced that they would accept Bitcoin as payment.

"I don't accept it anymore. Even if I do, I will do it as a joke," the vendor said in a phone interview, adding that the banner with Bitcoin QR code serves only for marketing purposes now.

Although Apam Balik Sekinchan no longer accepts Bitcoin, customers can still pay with either TNG eWallet, GrabPay, or Boost.

The Apam Balik Sekinchan stall in November 2017.

Image via Apam Balik Sekinchan (Facebook)

A month after Apam Balik Sekinchan started accepting Bitcoin as payment, Bank Negara Malaysia reminded members of the public that cryptocurrency is not legal tender:

In January 2018, a car dealer in Sri Kembangan, Selangor accepted Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment:

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