Netizens Freaked Out By Viral Video Showing A Creepy Black Figure In a Hospital Ward

According to the uploader, they recorded the video inside an emergency ward at around 3am, when guests aren't allowed and only "doctors and patients were supposed to be there".

Cover image via ssyazwanieee._ (TikTok)

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A short video seemingly showing a creepy incident has gone viral on TikTok

The video, which is about four seconds in length, shows what appears to be a tall, slender figure covered in a black coloured shroud, standing in between the beds inside the emergency ward of a hospital.

The figure is seen standing next to a patient lying on one of the beds in the ward, while a man wearing a blue T-shirt is seen standing behind the figure and talking on the phone. However, the man doesn't appear to have seen or noticed the figure in the shroud standing right in front of him.

It's not clear whether the hospital is in Malaysia or elsewhere

The video, which was posted twice, once with music and once with its original sound, collectively has close to 10 million views

The eerie sight in the video creeped out many viewers

In the comments section, several viewers left comments saying that the figure was the angel of death.

Others expressed their shock at the sight of the figure.

Meanwhile, responding to a comment asking for an explanation, the uploader, who was one of the patients in the ward, wrote there really isn't much to explain except what is already seen in the video.

According to the uploader, they recorded the video inside the emergency ward at around 3am.

"So, guests weren't allowed, only doctors and patients were supposed to be there," the uploader said.

"I also wasn't fully awake while the black figure was there because I didn't have energy. I'm sorry but I cannot explain further because I wasn't feeling well at the time," the uploader said, adding, "But next to the black figure was an uncle who needed to be taken to the ICU because his oxygen level dropped."

You can watch the original video here:


Replying to @tanjirou.123 ni vd ori ye guys. Sy tk dpt nk explain byk sbb time tu sy dalam keadaan memakai alat oksigen. sy hanya sempat record vd tu dalam 4s sbb sy berapa di wad emergency. Di wad emergency dilarang merecord vd atau pon mengambil gmbr. Sy record vd ni diam ii for my mom. btw time pukul 3 pagi so mmng tkde pelawat dibenarkan masuk kecuali doktor dan pesakit sahaja. Sy pon tk sedar dngn keberadaan benda hitam tu sbb time tu sy dalam keadaan tidak bertenaga. I'm sorry guys because tk dapat nak explain lebih sy pon time tu tk sihat. tapi sebelah benda hitam tu ad sorg pakcik yg perlu dibawa ke icu sbb oksigen dia drop. I'm really sorry sbb tk dpt nk terangkan lebih lagi. Btw guys THANKS FOR 5M view for that video.

original sound - Ssyaaaaaa - Syaa

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