22 Memes You Will Surely Relate To If You’re A Wine Person

"Just one glass" is the biggest lie you tell yourself.

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1. The only times you ever drink wine are...

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2. Going to the supermarket is like going to meet a bunch of good friends

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3. You take this particular medical advise VERY. SERIOUSLY.

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4. This is your biggest fear of all time

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5. Your response is: "Okay, sure! Where do I sign up?"

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6. You feel like nothing can bring you down when this happens

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7. You really really wish that you'll be on the receiving end of this one day

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8. You totally judge people who drink inferior wine

9. You don't need a man to make you feel good...

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10. ...but any man who does this will win you over instantly

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11. And in a world filled with disappointing Tinder dates, there's only one you can always count on

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12. Can someone make this a reality right now please?!

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13. This is your favourite poem of all time

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14. Nothing is ever a good enough reason to risk your glass of wine. Nothing.

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15. This is your idea of a #ThrowbackThursday

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16. All of your dreams came true when some kind soul invented this

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17. These are the only emojis you'll ever need

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18. You're not the slightest bit sporty but...

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19. The struggle is real :'(

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20. Your emergency signal looks a little something like this

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21. Your favourite time of the month is when you get to do this

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22. Your life will forever and always revolve around this motto

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What else do you relate to as a wine lover? Let us know in the comments below. :)