[VIDEO] Pandelela Saying "B*bi" Is The Most Malaysian Thing To Happen At The Olympics

Can't get more Malaysian than this.

Cover image via @syqhramli (Twitter) & AFP/Berita Harian

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Malaysia's pride and joy Pandelela Rinong Pamg recently garnered netizens attention after she was filmed saying "b*bi" at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Twitter user @suetmei wrote, "Caught Pandelela saying 'b*bi' when Round 5 results came out haha. Now that's very Malaysian and I love every ounce of this Malaysian spirit!"

The tweet has since been retweeted over 2,800 times and it is still gaining traction.

In a short clip posted by another Twitter user, Pandelela can be seen mouthing the curse word in frustration

She was filmed during the Women's Synchronised 10m Platform final event.

The athlete was awaiting the results of her fifth dive with her partner Leong Mun Yee.

After the results came out, she let out the word "b*bi" and flung her towel.

The Malaysian team was in second place after their second dive with a total of 100.20 points. Then, their third dive was off the mark and they tumbled to seventh place with a total of 155.1 points.

In order to secure a place on the podium and get ahead of other teams, the pair needed a near-perfect final two dives while hoping the competition faltered.

Sadly, Pandelela and Leong finished at eighth place with a total of 277.98 points.

China bagged the gold with 363.78 points, while USA came second with 310.80 points and Mexico won third place with 299.70 points.

Malaysians were amused by Pandelela's reaction

One person wrote, "The true Malaysian sporting spirit."

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, another person tweeted, "Only a Malaysian will know what she said by just looking at it."

Image via Twitter

One netizen offered words of encouragement and jokingly said, "Anyway girls, we still love you SEA Games and Asia Games are next. Paris is also just three years away. You did your best. It is just a few tiny b*bi mistakes."

Image via Twitter

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