21 Super Fun Things Malaysian Students Used To Do For Pendidikan Seni

Everyone's an artist. :D

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Growing up, one of our favourite subjects in school has got to be Pendidikan Seni. Why? It's the only class where you get to mess around with crayons, coloured paper, and your crafty imagination without getting into trouble!

Besides, any class that doesn't involve listening to your teacher drone on and on or copying stuff off the blackboard is already a win.

Regardless of whether or not you have artistic talent, doing these Seni projects were still a lot of fun:

1. Straw blown paintings

The Art Process: Sprinkle some watercolour on the paper and start blowing them all over with a straw. Repeat with other colours.

2. Butterfly fold-overs

The Art Process: Strategically drop a few blobs of acrylic paint on drawing paper. Fold it in half, open it up, and voila, a butterfly! Or Rorschach test, your pick.

3. Okra printing

The Art Process: Cut okra(s), dip cross-section of okra into watercolour of your choice, and... get creative. :D

4. Potato stamping

The Art Process: Cut potato(es) into half and get your parents to carve desired pattern (because knives are dangerous and not child-friendly). Dip carved potato into watercolour of your choice... and stamp away. :D

5. Finger painting

The Art Process: Dip finger(s) into watercolour and stamp whatever you want onto the drawing paper.

6. Coin-tracing art

The Art Process: Put coin underneath paper and colour over it. Repeat until satisfied and with different coins if desired.

7. Mozek a.k.a. filling in pretty shapes with pieces of coloured paper

The Art Process: Draw desired design on paper (e.g. butterfly, flower, etc.). Cut up coloured paper into tiny pieces, then stick them onto paper according to your drawing.

8. Seni gunting kertas a.k.a. folding coloured paper multiple times and then cutting them up to make pretty designs

The Art Process: Fold coloured paper of your choice in half a few times, then cut random shapes on the edges. Don't overthink it, it'll look nice when you open it up.

9. Anyaman a.k.a paper weaving

The Art Process: Fold drawing paper in half, and cut 1cm-wide strips across (but not 'til the end of the paper, leave at least 2cm of the edges untouched). Cut coloured paper into 1cm strips. String them through drawing paper, in and out.

10. Gurisan a.k.a. that thing where you draw stuff by scraping crayon off with a satay stick

The Art Process: Colour over drawing paper with crayon(s) of your choice (yes, you can have as many colours as you want, just try not to layer them over each other). Apply second layer of crayon (only one colour, usually black). Draw whatever you want with a satay stick.

11. Hand-drawn flag of Malaysia

The Art Process: Draw the Jalur Gemilang (it's okay, no one gets the moon and star perfectly right). Colour accordingly.

12. "Poster Hari Kemerdekaan"

The Art Process: Draw poster - include slogan, multiracial cast, and landmarks as desired. Colour.

13. "Buah-buahan tempatan"

The Art Process: Draw local fruits (NO oranges, grapes, or apples), bakul optional. Colour.

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14. "Rumah idamanku"

The Art Process: Draw your dream house (go crazy, you can have a hot tub AND three butlers if you wish to). Colour.

15. Paper masks

The Art Process: Draw design of your choice on drawing paper - make sure it's big enough to cover your face - and colour. Punch a hole level to your ear, string a rubber band through each hole, and voila, a wearable paper mask!

16. Paper lanterns

The Art Process: Create cylinder from manila card. Fold another piece of manila card in half and cut strips (1cm to 2cm wide) across, but not 'til the edge (leave about 2cm untouched). Attach one end to the top of the cyclinder and the other to the bottom with glue or stapler, making sure that it creates a "blooming effect", then attach holder to the sides.

17. Wau lidi. Okay fine, it's more like layang-layang lidi.

The Art Process: Make kite base with lidi shaped into a cross. Draw kite, cut it out, and attach to base. Decorate as desired. Capability to fly not guaranteed.

18. Making houses with toothpicks, wooden chopsticks, or wooden pegs

19. Mobiles, usually with paper fish or origami paper cranes

The Art Process: First, make your paper sculptures (blown-up paper fish, frilly octopi, origami cranes etc.). Construct your base with lidi, satay sticks, or wire, then attach your paper sculptures to the base with string.

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20. Plasticine sculptures

The Art Process: Break off plasticine and shape as desired. Don't mix two together, it'll all turn grey and there's no turning back.

21. Batik painting

The Art Process: Draw designs of your choice, then trace the lines with a white candle. Fill in with water colour (note that the colour is not suppose to stick where you've traced with wax).

What other Seni projects have you done in school? Let us know (and show us your masterpieces) in the comments below!

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