14 Random Dishes Ahmad Maslan Has Cooked Including ‘Durian Goreng Telur’

It all started with Nasi Goreng tanpa GST.

Cover image via Ahmad Maslan via Twitter

Three years ago, UMNO information technology bureau chairman Datuk Haji Ahmad bin Haji Maslan made headlines for his Nasi Goreng Tanpa GST. Since then he has shared several home-cooked meals to his followers on Twitter.

Image via The Malay Mail

Here are the some of the finest dishes we found on his Twitter feed:

1. Instant breakfast with slices of bread, eggs, onions, chicken with green apple toppings

2. Yet another instant breakfast - sardines and eggs with bread

3. This big breakfast of fried fish with vegetables and porridge

4. As the great Spider-Man once said, "Eat your green vegetables."

5. MasterChef UK judge Gregg Wallace should try his chicken rendang one day

6. Hello cucumber caterpillar

7. This is not for the faint-hearted - fried DURIAN EGG served with bread

8. Another heavy breakfast of stir-fried beef with sambal

9. An original recipe from the chef himself - fried chicken with err...pea eggplant. If you love your peas, here’s an original recipe. Don’t forget to "goreng sehingga garing".

10. Okay, we gotta admit this actually looks really tasty

11. If you need to cook something quick after work

12. We notice that he has a fried rice to celebrate every occassion, like this one called Nasi Goreng PRU14

13. The legendary NGAM fried rice - Nasi Goreng Ahmad Maslan

14. And who could forget the classic Nasi Goreng Tanpa GST

We hope you weren’t too hungry scrolling through this list!

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