[PHOTOS] Anti-Coronavirus Bouquets Are The Best Gifts For Your Valentine

If your man doesn't get you an anti-coronavirus bouquet, does he even love you?

Cover image via Eastday & Topick

We have had chicken nugget bouquets, cosmetic bouquets, and even durian bouquets in the past

In 2020 and 2021, we have anti-coronavirus bouquets for Valentine's Day!

In the midst of the coronavirus disease in 2020, people around the world were following in the footsteps of a Filipino content creator, Rigel Thomas, who is believed to be the inventor of the first anti-coronavirus bouquet.

Thomas' bouquet comes with anti-bacterial soaps, alcohol sprays, three-ply facial masks, and an N95 mask

Filipino content creator, Rigel Thomas.

Image via Rigel Thomas/Facebook

According to Cebu Daily News, Thomas related that he made the bouquet for fun, spending merely PHP600 (about RM49) to make one.

"I read from news reports about the first confirmed case of the COVID-19 in the country, where the patient was said to have also visited Cebu's (airport)," said Thomas.

"I thought of the idea because I could not imagine what Valentine's Day would be like if we have a virus outbreak here. This is the reason why I thought of the anti-coronavirus bouquet that includes rubbing alcohol, face masks, and soap bars."

Thomas' Facebook post published on 30 January 2020, where he introduced his creation, went viral with over 5,300 shares at the time of writing.

Very quickly, his idea was picked up in other parts of the world

Image via HNR News

Over in Zhengzhou, China, a man who was quarantined made sure that the epidemic does not become an excuse for not giving his girlfriend "flowers", reported Shanghai-based news portal Eastday.

Together with the help of an errand-runner from UUpaotui, an express delivery service company, he was able to assemble various anti-virus essentials into a bouquet and give it to the love of his life.

When she received the bouquet, she was overjoyed. Many of her best friends were envious of her boyfriend's thoughtful and practical gift.

Image via Eastday

In Hong Kong, an online florist launched Thomas-inspired bouquets as well, selling at HKD499 (RM265) for one

Image via Topick

According to Hong Kong news site Topick, the bouquet comes with two packets of facial masks, a few bottles of rubbing alcohol, and wet tissue.

All the items are beautifully wrapped together with blue, pink, or red flowers. Customers can also opt for the limited edition 10 blue roses bouquet, priced at HKD599 (RM319).

The online florist marketed the bouquet under its 'Anti-Epidemic Valentine's Day 2020' campaign, whereby men were encouraged to buy the bouquet to "protect their goddess".

The face masks were reportedly bought in bulk from Japan as they are scarce in Hong Kong.

Image via HKET

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