[PHOTOS] Cameras Out, Penangites! Gorgeous Sakura Flowers Are In Full Bloom Again!

A.k.a that time of the year where pretty blooms of pink bring out our inner shutterbugs.

Cover image via Facebook: George Town & Penang

Winter, spring, summer or fall... it makes no difference to us here in Malaysia. But come March or April ever year, picturesque scenes painted by blooming 'sakura' flowers will no doubt make you feel like spring is in the air!

Although we call them Malaysian 'sakura' trees, they are actually called tecoma trees or Tabebuia Rosea that sprout pretty blossoms in shades of pink and white

Like a scene straight out of Japan or South Korea, this year's 'sakura' flowers are already in full bloom in Penang, especially in the Bayan Lepas industrial areas...

... And the campus grounds of Universiti Sains Malaysia

You might find some neighbourhood cows making cameo appearances in your pictures too. Just make sure you don't wear red!

If you're lucky, you'll find yourself encountering a sight for sore eyes the moment you step out of your house

Zooming into individual blossoms make for pretty pictures too

Selfies don't work too well in capturing the beauty of the Malaysian sakura trees, but full body shots look really great when set against the charming landscapes. Cases in point:

Or if you're feeling a little funky, it's the perfect time of year to re-enact the infamous 'Para Para Sakura' dance...

Check out some amazing photos from last year's Malaysian 'sakura' invasion:

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