[PHOTOS] Doggos In This Daycare Centre Sleep Like Tiny Humans With Pillows And Duvets

Our hearts are melting!

Cover image via Instagram @puppyspring_

Who would have thought that watching a group of puppers sleeping in their respective quarters furnished with pillows and duvets could be so enjoyable!

Photos of doggos sleeping in a daycare centre in South Korea are taking the Internet by storm after the facility shared them online.

Self-described as a 'pet kindergarten', the Puppy Spring facility in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea is a trusted place where dog owners can drop off furbabies for a few hours, reported Boredpanda.

Services like Puppy Spring are gaining popularity in the Asian country as many full-time workers cannot give all their love and attention when they are at work

The pet kindergarten provides daily care services for doggos who are above 12 weeks old and vaccinated, reported The Korea Times.

Doggos can roam free in the daycare centre and undergo lessons to distinguish different smells.

The classes are able to help foster obedience in them. The little four-legged friends can also play games that are designed to develop sociability.

When the doggos are drained out from all the fun, they will be tucked in for a nap by the loving trainers

The certified trainers will get a chance to rest too, while the doggos dream of treats.

But, it is also the time when the trainers cannot resist but take pictures of these adorable furballs.

"We get the pups napping from 2pm to 3:30pm," a spokesperson told Boredpanda. "The cost of our services varies and depends on a few different factors, including the amount of time dogs spend at the facility."

According to The Korea Times, the monthly fee is around USD210 to USD670 (RM867 to RM2,770) and the pet kindergarten can take up to 30 waggling tails each day.

Too cute!

You can check out more sleeping puppers photos at Puppy Spring's Instagram here

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