Hilarious Photos Show Taal Volcano Survivors Making The Most Out Of Donated Clothes


Cover image via Nesty Jemenez/Facebook

Following the Taal Volcano eruption in the Philippines last week, thousands were forced to leave their homes and stay at evacuation centres

Donors decided to help by sending them clothes to wear, as many of the locals' homes and crops were covered in ash.

Although some of the donated items seemed rather "inappropriate", the evacuees have apparently taken it all in stride and even had some fun with it

Several were seen wearing wedding outfits and gowns.

While others took it as an opportunity to make a fashion statement with the unusual "gifts"

Some donors took "oversized" fashion to another level

One guy was even spotted wearing a prisoner's outfit

And others just had a good laugh dressed in women's clothing

According to ABS-CBN News, a disaster management group urged donors to treat Taal Volcano survivors with "dignity" by donating clothes that can still be used.

Many of the items donated were torn or unusuable, Bored Panda revealed.

At least, the people haven't lost their sense of humour

Victims can't wear your torn clothing. Donate them here instead:

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