[PHOTOS] Kind Man Cleans Up Playground In Shah Alam So Children Won't Catch Coronavirus

Awesome work, Mustaqim!

Cover image via Mustaqim Kumar Abdullah Sooria

A man from Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam has recently gone viral for cleaning up a playground

On 8 February, Mustaqim Kumar Abdullah Sooria shared photos of himself scrubbing down a children's playground on Facebook.

He wrote, "This morning, a lot of people laughed at me for washing the playground at U8 Bukit Jelutong."

His post has since garnered 17,000 likes and 2,200 Facebook shares.

Mustaqim chose to clean up the playground because he wanted to make sure that children will not catch the novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) that has been going around lately

He wrote, "The coronavirus has infected thousands of people in multiple countries and it has taken hundreds of lives."

"I volunteered to do this with the intention of helping the people of Bukit Jelutong in hopes that we will not overlook the coronavirus."

Netizens were moved by his act of kindness and praised him for his efforts

One person wrote, "Praise God. May we all learn from him and take better care of our children's recreational spots."

Image via Facebook

"It's a genuine effort that we should all follow," said another netizen.

Image via Facebook

A user commented, "Big thanks to you. This is the right action for prevention. Good role model."

Image via Facebook

Check out the full post here:

The world needs more people like Mustaqim. Mad respect!

Image via GIPHY

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