[PHOTOS] Photographer Shares Stunning Pictures Of KL Ahead Of Hari Kebangsaan

This year, we celebrate Hari Kebangsaan by looking at beautiful pictures of Malaysia at home.

Cover image via Instagram @heartpatrick

Remember Patrick Heart?

He is the photographer who took a breathtaking picture of an empty Federal Highway at the beginning of the Movement Control Order (MCO).

This time, Patrick is back with a new collection of photos that will awe you as it showcases a side of Kuala Lumpur we have never seen before

The new photos were taken in conjunction with Hari Kebangsaan this 31 August.

Take a look at this photo of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) headquarters located on Jalan Raja Laut.

Who would have thought that the building would look so spectacular when it's taken from an aerial view with both KL Tower and the Petronas Twin Towers in the background.

Speaking to SAYS, Patrick said the photo was taken last Sunday evening, 23 August, when the building lit up LED panels to display the Jalur Gemilang in full glory.

He said the photo was taken with his DJI Mavic Pro drone, which has a 20-megapixel sensor.

Patrick also recently shared the result of a photo project, which he spent 30 minutes to shoot at an alleyway in KL

Patrick, who works as a full-time photographer of architecture and interior design, said the photo was achieved by using the 'light painting' technique with a LED rod.

"(I) just have to upload the graphic onto the memory inside and (the LED rod will) cycle through the graphic," he said.

At the time of writing, the photo has garnered over 4,600 likes on Instagram, with many netizens singing praise over the incredible eight-second long-exposure shot.

Here are more photos of KL featuring our Jalur Gemilang

"While we may not be able to experience this year's [Hari Kebangsaan] in the usual fanfare and celebrations, let's all take some time this year to really discover and share the beauty in the place that we live in"

As a photographer who has also taken a considerable amount of photos overseas, Patrick said Malaysia is one of a kind because of its rich heritage that is unspoiled by modernity and advancements.

"They are authentic, sincere, and are not too bothered with putting up a facade just to impress (foreign) visitors," Patrick related.

"I feel that I can peel off the outer layer and still find a rich palette of stories and experiences waiting to be told underneath."

While the pandemic has put many countries in lockdown, the photographer said this has given him an opportunity to spend more time exploring KL and the rest of the country.

"To be able to find, capture, and share these places with my friends and followers, and have them also embark on this journey of discovering the city's beauty, that's bigger than any amount of time and effort that I had to spend to produce these works. The feeling of fulfilment is oftentimes beyond words," he said.

To see more of Patrick's photos, check out his Facebook and Instagram here.

Watch how Patrick created his long-exposure photo here:

In March, Patrick's photo featuring an empty Federal Highway caught Malaysians' attention:

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