[PHOTOS] RTM News Presenters Don School Uniforms To Support Teachers Going Back To School

They look so cute!

Cover image via Nor Yahati Awang/Facebook

In conjunction with the reopening of schools yesterday, 24 June, RTM news presenters donned school uniforms to show their support to teachers and students

Broadcasting director-general Nor Yahati Awang took to Facebook on Wednesday to share photos of RTM news presenters in school uniforms, which have now gone viral with over 2,100 shares.

"In support of teachers and students going back to school today, all employees of 'Berita RTM' and 'Selamat Pagi Malaysia' in the headquarters and states will wear secondary school uniforms on air," Nor Yahati said.

"Have a happy back to school day, teachers and students."

The photos show that even news presenters doing a live coverage outside the studio were also seen in school uniforms

Employees working off camera in the office were seen in school uniforms as well.

After seeing the photos, Malaysians flocked to the comment section to commend RTM's creativity and the uplifting initiative

"It looks like they are doing a presentation in class, while those reporting on the street look like they are preparing to welcome VVIP. It brings back all the memories. That's very creative, RTM," lauded a netizen.

"RTM is the best! Thank you for showing your support," a Facebook user wrote.

Image via Facebook

Hundreds of Malaysians also took the opportunity to say how adorable the news presenters are.

Image via Facebook

Check out more photos here:

On 10 June, Education Minister Dr Mohd Radzi Md Jidin announced that students taking national exams will go back to school on 24 June:

All public schools must adhere to a 34-page guideline as per laid out by the Ministry of Education:

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