[PHOTOS] The 7 Ridiculous Memes We're Glad Did Not Quite Catch On In Malaysia

They're really quite mind-boggling, although we gotta admit that some of these are pretty genius.

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1. Alex From Target turned a regular employee into an overnight Internet sensation... all from a single tweet. Where's our Ali from Tesco?!

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Alex From Target is a nickname given to American teenage cashier Alex Christopher LaBeouf who rose to global viral fame on Twitter for his apparent charming look after an anonymous customer tweeted a picture of him scanning and bagging items at a Target retail store in Texas.

Since entering circulation in early November 2014, the hashtag #AlexFromTarget quickly became a worldwide trending topic and went on to inspire several novelty accounts and fan art image macros on Instagram and Tumblr.

Some memes inspired by #AlexFromTarget.

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If that's not enough to convince you of the power of Twitter, Alex From Target has also inspired a series of spin-offs featuring random good-looking employees from other retail outlets, such as Steve and Frankie from Starbucks, Kieran from T-Mobile, and Matt from Red Robin.

Clockwise from top-left: Steve from Starbucks, Frankie from Starbucks, Kieran from T-Mobile, and Matt from Red Robin.

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2. That one time Twitter went nuts over President Barack Obama's tan/beige suit during a press conference. We bet no one even remembered what he was talking about. #TanSuitGate

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In August, President Barack Obama held a news conference on the threat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria - but all eyes were on the crisp tan suit he was sporting just days before Labor Day, which fashionistas deem to be the cut-off point for wearing white and other light colors.

Social media lit up with viewers' comments about the commander-in-chief's summer fashion choice. Some loved it, some hated it, and some even took the opportunity to churn out a meme variation or two.

3. Besides making the most World Cup saves since 1966, US goalkeeper Tim Howard's stellar performance also saved the Internet with the #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave meme

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Things Tim Howard Could Save is a photoshop meme based on cutout images of United States soccer team’s goalkeeper Tim Howard making super saves during the round-of-16 match against Belgium at the 2014 World Cup.

Tim Howard is not only a god among athletes, Tim Howard is the savior humanity has been waiting for.
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4. We have no idea why our Western counterparts are so obsessed with this green vegetable called kale. Kale chips, chocolate-covered kale, babies named Kale... you gotta stop somewhere!

This year saw a surge in kale chips, kale salads, chocolate-covered kale, blogs devoted to its consumption, and even an increase in the number of babies named Kale. WebMD calls it one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet, and if you Google, “kale is the new…” you’re encouraged to trade your spinach, beef, and bacon for this dark leafy green.
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4. That one time this dancing Diva Kid stole everyone's spotlight on live TV... and even got Lady Gaga's attention!

The Diva Kid is the nickname of Brendan Jordan, a teenager who rose to fame online after a video featuring his Lady Gaga-inspired dance moves in the background of a live news broadcast began circulating on YouTube in October 2014.

There's plenty to admire about his flawless, pouting performance, but the gas face he shoots his less fabulous peers deserves some special recognition, even from Lady Gaga herself!

Watch Diva Kid unleash his inner 'fierce'-ness HERE:

5. The Apparently Kid might have never been on live television, but "apparently", he nailed it

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Apparently Kid refers to Noah Ritter, a five-year-old who was interviewed by a local news channel while attending the Wayne County Fair in Pennsylvania. On August 4th, 2014, YouTuber WNEP-TV uploaded a video featuring reporter Sofia Ojeda asking Ritter how he enjoyed one of the Wayne County Fair’s rides. Ritter begins to ramble in reply, often punctuating his speech with “apparently” and insisting he had never been on live television. Within 48 hours the video gained over 4.1 million views.

Watch the adorable video HERE:

Since then, Ritter has made plenty of public appearances, including recurring spots on The Ellen Degeneres Show and even starred in his very own commercial.

6. We have no idea how the 'I'm In Me Mum's Car, Broom Broom' Vine managed to go viral and even spawned a few remixes in the process, but it DID so...

“I’m in Me Mum’s Car, Broom Broom” is a quote uttered by British teenager Tish Simmonds in a video clip of herself sitting in her mother’s car that was uploaded to Vine in July 2014. The video quickly went viral and spawned a series of remix videos, mostly due to the awkward, sing-songy manner in which she delivers the quote, combined with her strong Yorkshire accent.

7. North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un got a little... excited when he visited a lubricant factory last August. The Internet got hold of this 'gleeful' photo from the visit and hence was born the 'Kim Jong-un Lubricant meme'

Kim Jong-un visited a lube factory and spawned the smoothest meme of the year. In early August, a state news agency released photos of the North Korean dictator smiling in delight at the Chonji Lubricant Factory. The absurdity of the photo shoot made the meme-making almost too easy. Almost.
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