Take A Look At How These Huskies "Destroyed" A House After They Got Hold Of A Dragon Fruit

A pinkish mess!

Cover image via Adrian Kho/FB

Earlier this week, a Facebook post went viral.

It showed how two huskies completely destroyed their human's house after they got hold of dragon fruit.

The viral Facebook post, which at the time of writing has over 10k shares and more than 2k comments, warns others to "keep dragon fruits away" from your doggos.

The guilty-looking culprits.

Image via Adrian Kho/FB

The pinkish hue on the two doesn't nearly come close to the trail of pink mayhem they unleashed on the floor:

Image via Adrian Kho/FB

And don't let the look of guilt in the previous photo fool you, because as these two photos show, both the huskies were completely unrepentant in carrying out their act:

Image via Adrian Kho/FB
Image via Adrian Kho/FB

The post also included a photo of the dragon fruit:

Image via Adrian Kho/FB

You can check out the original post here:

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