[VIDEO/PICS] Oh Jerebu, Ultraman & More Hazey Stuff

The haze situation in Singapore has caused netizens to get creative and created hilarious memes. Here are the 10 best haze memes that has been going viral on the social media.

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Sorry but we cannot blame anyone else but you Ultraman

Oh, Ultraman, we are sorry!

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Optimus Prime vs Megatron

Optimus Prime vs Megatron in KL

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This 'Ohh Jerebu' song that's trending on Youtube

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Ultraman seen in PJ on the way to Kepong

Ultraman seen in KL

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When all else fails...

by Kelvin Gan via Facebook.

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"Fifty Shades of Grey," we mean, Haze...

by Moses Gunarman for 9GAG Singapore

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Haze-O-Kitty, anyone?

This is dedicated to all those passionate Singaporeans queuing for Hello Kitty right now. You got to have this, while PSI lasts.

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Godzilla faints from asthma attack

Contributed by @mrbrown

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Pandan leaves just not good enough for Spartans

Haze memes, from Singapore 9gag.

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Alvin Oon, "I'm feeling so FED UP cos all I ever see is, haaaaze. Haze, haze, haze."

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The Singapore Merlion needs a mask for the "scorched black" smells

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Here's a tourists' guide to Singapore:

By Hamid Bean Omar for 9GAG Singapore

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"Journey To The West" takes a little turn

9GAG Singapore

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Resorts World Sentosa versus Resorts World Genting

Contributed by tiger07 for 9GAG Singapore

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ZoukOut is so last year!

Contributed by 9GAG Singapore team

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New updates on the haze you should know

CLICK FOR FULL STORY: The haze from the fires in Sumatra has lowered the quality of air in Malaysia and Singapore tremendously. Do read on about the haze and the precautions you and your family should take to minimise the haze effects on your health!

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