Pigeons Listen Obediently To Penang Uncle & Sit On His Hands When He Summons Them

A real-life Disney princess.

Cover image via @syafiqaziz79 (TikTok)

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An uncle in Penang has been caught on camera, becoming a real-life pigeon whisperer

TikTok user @syafiqaziz79 recorded the moment from his car, showing the uncle surrounded by a flock of pigeons. 

Speaking to Syafiq, the uncle said, "Nanti I panggil semua datang," which simply translates to "Wait as I call them, they will all come to me".

True enough, the uncle whips out a bird-calling whistle to summon the pigeons. Within seconds, several birds start flying towards him from nearby trees and sit atop his head and hands.

With his right hand empty, he calls to the pigeons on the ground, "Okay baby, come here," and one of the birds immediately flies to sit on it.

Meanwhile, the other birds continue to peck for seeds around him, seemingly provided from his pouch.

Those watching the sweet moment from their car clapped for the uncle, who proudly smiled and said, "Train already lah"


Syafiq's video has since garnered over 600,000 plays and 400 comments.

You can watch it below:

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