PJ Shop Is Looking For A Hot Guy With 6-Pack Abs To Cut Durian All Day

"Yesterday open durians, today open durians, tomorrow still need to open durians."

Cover image via FoodGem & Instagram @mansurtropin

Tired of working your nine to five? Thinking of making a switch in your career?

This job might just be what you're looking for.

A durian stall in SS2, Petaling Jaya recently posted a unique job advertisement that has been making headlines and it comes with just three requirements:

- Preferably able to communicate in at least two languages: Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu, or English. 
- Experienced and fearless in using a durian knife to open the fruit in a quick manner. 
- Has good hygiene at all times and "must not smell stronger than the durians".

There are exceptions to the rules though.

DurianMan SS2 states that you will immediately be hired if you can open durians like a pro, have a six-pack, and are good-looking.

Or if you can dance or perform acrobatic stunts while opening durian in a safe manner without hurting anyone, you will also be immediately hired.

All you'll need to have is a love for opening many durians in a day. 

"Yesterday open durians, today open durians, tomorrow still need to open durians," reads the post.

The monthly salary is RM2,500 onwards. Not a bad deal if you love the king of fruits and are looking to fill your time.

According to Malay Mail, the shop has yet to find their "knife master" and are still filtering through candidates. 

Obviously, the additional requirements like doing stunts are just for laughs, but if you're good-looking with washboard abs, who's gonna complain? :p

This durian stall in Thailand was well ahead of the game when they hired hunky "staff":

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