Prada Reveals Its New RM800 Paper Clip And The Internet Can’t Stop Trolling It

It's safe to say that we will never understand high fashion.

Cover image via AJC / Quora

In the latest installment of pointless items you could spend your life savings on, we present you the Prada paper clip

Introducing the luxury stationary product you never knew you needed.

Image via Barneys New York

The fashion house is now selling a “paperclip-shaped” money clip online at Barney's for USD185 (RM795).

Ok, so it's not a paper clip? But a money clip that looks like a paper clip? Nice try, Prada.

The description for the clip, which is embossed with the word "Prada" on one side, states that it's made from polished sterling silver and measures about 6.25cm long and 2.25cm wide.

Oh, they also made sure to stress that it's "Made In Italy."

Unsurprisingly, the people on Twitter were less than impressed

"Clippy, is that you?!"

Not a fan of Prada? Barney's sells two variations for USD150 (RM644)

Alternatively, you could spend your hard-earned money wisely on ordinary paper clips for under RM10. Priorities, people.

Happy shopping!

This paper clip is just the latest addition to a long line of unnecessarily expensive items from elite designers. Remember Balenciaga?

And Gucci?

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