Proud Family 'Spams' Billboards Of 16-Year-Old's Birthday Party Along Highway

The oddly-extravagant display of celebration has drawn wide attention among Chinese netizens. A big shoutout to SAYS reader Ramesh Kasi for bringing this to our attention.

Cover image via CCTVNews

A wealthy family has put up scores of ‪‎billboards advertising their flamboyant boy's birthday party along a 400-meter road in the city of Quanzhou, in Southeast China's Fujian province, with the billboards reading: Welcome to my 16th birthday party

As per a FB post by CCTVNews, local residents said it is the work of the Shi family to celebrate their great-grandson's birthday

The Shi family, engaged in trading, confirmed to China Daily that they are using this way to celebrate the boy's 16th birthday

The flamboyant celebration has drawn wide attention online

“Such an extravagant birthday! It’s doing no good to the kid’s education!” - @yujianyigemeili

“I’m a local. It is our tradition to make the 16th birthday a huge event, especially for boys. Please take an objective and rational look at it.” - @mikeybuzz

"LOL!!! This is absolutely retarded! Please stop embarrass us Chinese as an entire race. I want to get rich, not stupid." - Chanel EdiSon Chang

"Waste of money and shows arrogance. Better by teaching the 16 years old boy to be humble and use the money to feed the poor. No wonder Chinese wealth can't last three generations." - Adam Yong

Confronting netizens' disputed views, the family said they are simply expressing their happiness and they hope to celebrate the birthday of the apple of their eyes with relatives and friends

Revealing that the family owns the rights to the billboards, the boy's grandfather said that the advertisement cost only USD258.

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