[QUIZ] Who Said It: A Malaysian Politician Or Donald Trump?

You'd be surprised by how alike they sound...

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No one took Donald Trump seriously when he announced his intention to be the next President of the United States. Well, joke's on you, he is now a frontrunner in the race because he's going to "Make America Great Again!"

For some reason or other, Trump's distasteful comments about immigrants in the US and his treatment of women as well as his blatant Islamophobia seems to really resonate with American rednecks and half of Republican supporters.

In fact, most things that come out of Trump's mouth bear a scary resemblance to some of our own politicians' most outrageous quotes. See if you can pick out our leaders' words of wisdom from the Big D's:

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In case you're wondering, here are the Malaysian politicians whose quotes are featured in the quiz above:

Clockwise from top left: Ibrahim Ali, Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, Ku Nan, and Bung Moktar.

Image via SAYS
1. Dato' Ibrahim Ali, founder and president of Malay supremacist group PERKASA:
Claiming that Malaysian men engage in extramarital affairs because wives are neglecting their responsibilities towards their husbands, he said, "In Islam, wives are supposed to stop everything to fulfil their husbands' demands."

2. Dato' Haji Tajuddin Rahman, UMNO Supreme Council Member:
"I know girls like handbags. I was told that one of the ways of tackling a girl is buying (her) a handbag," said in defence of Rosmah Mansor, wife of PM Najib Razak's lavish spending.
"I am also dressing like this today, you don't be jealous because I can afford it," said in reference to his formal attire when attending parliamentary sittings.

3. Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor a.k.a. Ku Nan, Secretary-General of UMNO:
"Women are like property, their value increases with make-up and drops without make-up," said in reference to increasing valuation of renovated properties. He has offered an apology to those offended by his remarks, but insisted that the media had twisted his words.

4. Datuk Bung Moktar Radin, MP of Kinabatangan:
"LONG LIVE HITLER..." was written in a now-deleted tweet in reference to the German national team's 7-1 win over the Brazilians in the semi-final round of FIFA World Cup 2014.
"I am concerned if she brings her aggressive behaviour back home. If 'no', then Alhamdulillah; if 'yes', then her man will be suffering," said in reference to Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin's behaviour in Parliament.

Malaysian politicians can really give Trump a run for his money when it comes to mind-boggling public statements:

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