Coffee Addicts Get Reality Check After Guy Realises He Spends RM700 A Month On Coffee

"Legend has it that if you don't spend on coffee, you'll be able to buy a Lamborghini."

Cover image via @BaqirNajh (Twitter) & Freepik

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It's oversaid, but some of us just can't live without our coffee

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A Malaysian working in Kuala Lumpur recently discovered that he spends over RM700 a month on coffee alone.

Yes, just coffee.

The coffee lover and Twitter user @BaqirNajh said he recently decided to track his monthly coffee expenditure just to come clean with himself about his expenses.

"First time [tracking my] monthly coffee spending, I'm not brave enough to total it up," he tweeted at the end of last month.

And sure enough, after meticulously jotting down every transaction that he made to purchase coffee in the last 31 days, the whopping total came up to RM706

The list shows that he drinks coffee every day, and sometimes even buys multiple cups of coffee a day.

"My assumption was that I only spend around RM500 to RM600 a month," Baqir told SAYS, admitting that he was a little bit surprised by the amount.

However, he knew that it was still expected as his friends have also been encouraging him to buy a coffee machine instead of spending so much outside.

In explaining his coffee consumption to his worried followers, Baqir also told SAYS that he drinks plain brewed coffee every day, in contrast to anything flavoured, to try and cut down his sugar intake.

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Looking at the total, many fellow coffee lovers have since flocked to Baqir's replies to share similar woes

His tweet has since garnered over 5,000 retweets and 8,500 likes since it was posted.

"I'm still not brave enough to track my personal expenses," a Twitter user confessed.

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Another replied, "Legend has it that if you don't spend on coffee, you'll be able to buy a Lamborghini."

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Someone else jokingly said, "No coffee, no work. No work, no money. No money, no coffee. So, the conclusion is, we need to buy the coffee. It's a need, no longer a want."

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Another coffee addict said, "Same as me lah, it's like every day without fail... I think if I sum up everything, I can buy an iPhone 14."

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Meanwhile, many others shared how they have managed to save some money while still getting to enjoy their cuppas

From switching to instant coffee to getting a coffee machine at home or only buying coffee from local vendors, many Twitter users also agreed that tracking their expenses has also helped them with their personal savings.

Baqir has also encouraged his followers to try jotting down their personal expenses.

After his own budgeting exercise, he is now considering buying a coffee machine and tracking how much money he spends on his cat.

Check out Baqir's full tweet here:

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