Najib And Muhyiddin: 10 Photos To Remember The 'Good Times' They Shared

#TBT to when Najib and Muhyiddin were 'Best Bros 4 Lyfe'.

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Based on the latest Cabinet reshuffle, it looks like PM Najib Razak and his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin are no longer BFFs because... well, when you exclude someone from your super cool clique (read: the Cabinet), that's like, an obvious way of saying:

1. Remember when they always sat next to each other in Parliament in matching outfits...

2. ... And even shared inside jokes with each other?

3. Or when they threw some epic shade at the dork to their left, like "Seriously bro, do you even lift?"

Image via The Star Online

4. Muhyiddin is a good bro who does not mind staying out of the limelight

Image via The Heat Online

5. After all, bros who shop for fancy shirts together...

Image via Bernama

6. Read together...

Image via The Pie News

7. ... Will always have each other's back, no matter what

Image via The Star Online

8. They stuck together when it was time to weather through challenges...

9. ... and when the light appears at the end of tunnel, you could count on them to look forward and anticipate brighter days in solidarity

10. "I luv u 5eva, bruh."

Sadly, we have to accept that fact that the Najib and Muhyiddin bro-ship is no more:

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