These Guys Want You To Hire Them As "Rental Boyfriends" This CNY

They have some really impressive (and hilarious) résumés. ;)

Cover image via Facebook

"Girl ah, got boyfriend already or not? Aiyo, why still don't have? Why you so picky?"

Ugh, not again. Unfortunately for the single people, it's almost impossible to escape awkward questions like these when Chinese New Year comes around.

Well, time to turn the tables. ;) In a bid to help you deal with the kepoh aunties, some enterprising young men have taken to social media to put themselves up as Boyfriends-For-Rent - complete with an impressive résumé - this CNY!

26-year-old Singaporean Minghan Ong's ad, posted on 20 January, has been shared over 1,000 times.

Image via Minghan Ong Facebook

The trend most likely started in Singapore, with a few "advertisements" going viral among amused Singaporeans and Malaysians on social media.

Besides their rental rates, the résumés often include witty descriptions highlighting the boys' desirable qualifications, appearance ratings, things they can do, things they cannot do... and even alter egos they are willing to pull off

21-year-old Singaporean Bill Tan's boyfriend-for-hire ad has been shared over 9,400 times at the time of writing!

Image via Bill Tan Facebook

Highlights include:
- Used to have a six pack, now parents love me cause I'm Buddha looking good.
- They call me the auntie slayer for a reason. I make them smile.
- Physically and mentally superior to your ex.
- 3/10 appearance rating according to my friend.
- 10/10 appearance rating according to my mum.
- Can cook 4 mins noodle in 3 mins.
- Hilarious in hokkien your grandparents will love me.
- Rugged look so you can lie to your relatives that you are no longer into K-pop boys.

Soon enough, Malaysian guys jumped on the bandwagon with their own "ads" and equally - if not more - delightful résumés

Homegrown clothing brand Pestle & Mortar went one better, rounding up the guys and gals behind the company - each with their own quirky traits and abilities - to offer "package deals" you won't find in individual ads. :p

Yep, you read that right. The ladies are in on this too!

That's one problem solved. Now, it's time to figure out how to evade the "When are you getting married?" question...

These guys might be pro auntie slayers, but it can't hurt to have them earn some extra brownie points this CNY:

For as long as anyone can remember, Chinese people have been giving out ang pows and singing the 'Gong Xi Gong Xi' song every CNY. Ever wondered how these traditions came to be?

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