Restaurant 'Sells' Ikan Siakap For RM1,196 Because It's Been A Pet For 20 Years

Fish are friends.

Cover image via Alibaba & Screenshot by SAYS

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The whole ikan siakap fiasco has caused quite a stir, leading authorities to check up on the restaurant recently

Screenshot of the customer's viral Facebook post.

Image via محمد فارس ذوالقرنين (Facebook)

In case you don't know what it's about, a floating restaurant in Langkawi attracted attention recently for being accused of allegedly overcharging a customer RM1,196.80 for a barramundi fish dish.

According to the restaurant's owner, the customer was informed of the price and size of the fish beforehand but had agreed to it anyway.

They also mentioned that the customer had not argued about the price prior to leaving but had later posted about it on social media, which went viral. 

Now, another local restaurant is also 'selling' ikan siakap for a similar price with the reasoning that "it's been their pet for 20 years"

Instagram user, Darren Ashley, recently spotted a GrabFood listing of Sin Hoy Kee Restaurant & Pub 'selling' their 7kg ikan siakap, with a description that reads, "I kept this fish for 20 years already ok."

Image via SAYS

Speaking to SAYS, the owner of the restaurant said that it's just for laughs due to the recent events and that they don't actually sell any ikan siakap.

The item will be removed once the trend ends. They also added that ikan siakap "usually costs only RM60 to RM90 per kg from normal restaurants".

"Or if buy from Tesco/Giants (sic), etc only around RM25 per kg."

Scrolling through the rest of their menu, we notice that the restaurant is having fun with their other items' descriptions as well

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS
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Image via SAYS

Well played, guys. Well played.

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