[VIDEO] Rider In KL Accidentally Ends Up At A Cemetery While Picking Up Night Order

The restaurant was hidden in a dark corner and the path to get there was rocky. As the man rode uphill, he said, "I don't think my motorcycle can handle this."

Cover image via @angahelycha (TikTok)

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A foodpanda delivery rider in KL went viral after he accidentally ended up in a cemetery while trying to pick up an order at night

TikTok user @angahelycha uploaded a video on 5 October along with a caption that read, "I wanted to pick up an order but ended up somewhere else."

The video garnered over 488,600 views and 39,600 likes.

In the clip, the rider explained that he got lost and wasn't sure how he ended up there

While recording his surroundings, he can be heard saying, "Look, guys. I got lost. Where is this? I'm going to go back."

He then rode his motorcycle and hastily exited the burial ground.

"I think I went the wrong way. There was an intersection just now," he explained.

The man went back to the intersection and tried to take the other road. However, he ended up on a small dark path.

In a separate video, he showed that he finally managed to find the restaurant

The restaurant was hidden in a dark corner next to another building and the path to get there was rocky.

As he rode uphill, the rider said, "I don't think my motorcycle can handle this."

In an interview with mStar, the man explained that it was his first time picking up an order from that restaurant.

"At first I called the restaurant, the man said that there will be an intersection once I arrive. I didn't see that there was a small intersection, that's why I got lost," he said.

"That's how I reached a cemetery, it was a Muslim burial ground. I was shocked at the time, it was already late at night. I was not thinking about any supernatural disturbance, I was just worried it was a prank," he added.

Netizens left comments under his video, pointing out a dark figure under the tent.

However, the rider said that it was merely a chair.

"Actually I'm more afraid of people than ghosts. I'm scared of getting robbed and all. Back when I was a runner, before I joined foodpanda, I received a prank order. When I reached the drop-off area, it was just dark and there wasn't a house there," he told mStar.

"I just shared the video for fun. A lot of comments said that they saw a ghost under the tent at the cemetery. It was just a chair. Nothing else. Some also said they saw a pontianak, I was amused reading the comments," he added.

Watch the full video here:

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