Rihanna's New Jelly Slides Look Like The Cheap Slippers We Wear To The Toilet

And it's probably not, well, cheap.

Cover image via Hypebae / Twitter

Hailed as the "must-have shoes for the summer", and "perfect for keeping feet cool all season", fashion and lifestyle sites are totally gushing over pop diva Rihanna's latest Fenty x PUMA Jelly Slides

Image via PUMA

A throwback to the '90s jelly trend, the upcoming offering from Rihanna's collaboration with sports lifestyle brand PUMA comes in three colours - pink, black, and blue.

Look familiar? That's because you might have seen it on your parents, grandparents, siblings, and even your own feet when you take a trip to the bathroom...

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Seriously, the only thing missing is the PUMA branding on the strap.

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Obviously, the Asians came out in droves to point out that those jelly slippers have been in fashion since, well, forever

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
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While the price for Rihanna's Jelly Slides have not been announced yet, we reckon it'll cost around or a little less than USD90 (RM395.55), judging from the price of her Bow Women's Slide Sandals

Image via PUMA

Yeah... we're just gonna stick to the RM15 pasar malam "knock-offs"

Image via PopKey

Will you pay hundreds of ringgit for a pair of Rihanna-endorsed Jelly Slides? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

This isn't the first time a Western fashion brand drew inspiration from everyday Asian items:

Meanwhile, IKEA is totally tickled pink when they found out that they've inspired a new haute couture bag:

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